Robotics and Materials Handling 2 explores robotic programming. Using RoboCell, a 3D solid-modeling robotic simulation software, students gain greater understanding of the robotics concepts and programming commands learned in Robotics and Materials Handling 1. This course gives students the advanced skills needed to operate, maintain, program and test robotic systems.

In Robotics and Materials Handling 2, students work with RoboCell, a 3D-solid modeling robotic simulation software, to program and operate the robot.

The activities challenge students to design solutions for industrial robotic applications, with emphasis on real industrial concerns, such as recording accurate positions, complicated
movements, interfacing with peripherals, working with sensors, optimizing programming and increasing productivity.

Activity 1: Basic Robotic Programming Tools
Activity 2: Manipulating Blocks Project
Activity 3: Programming the Robot to Execute Circular Movements
Activity 4: Drawing a House
Activity 5: Roll and Pitch
Activity 6: Block Alignment Project
Activity 7: Feeders and Templates
Activity 8: Peripheral Devices
Activity 9: Linear Slidebase Project
Activity 10: Programming Using Encoder Values
Activity 11: Conditional Branching
Activity 12: Programming with Conditional Branching
Activity 13: Analog Inputs and Outputs
Activity 14: Programming a Sorting System Project

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