The Motoman GP8 fenceless cart for education is a big solution for small spaces.

Custom designed for educational use the mobile cart includes all the components to set up an industrial robotic classroom workstation and can be packed, moved and stored easily when not in use.

The fenceless design and speed limiting of the robotic arm ensure a safe working environment for students to learn in. The platform and accessories provide a framework for learning that is  simple, easy to use and packed with features and functionality for every robotics class. Incorporating the GP8, 6-axis robotic arm with an 8 kg (17.64 lbs) payload and 727 mm (28.62”) reach. students can program and learn a variety of robotic functions. The GP8 is paired with the advanced YRC1000micro controller, a  compact size controller with functions & performance optimized for transfer and assembly applications. The system can be paired with a standard programming pendant or the Yaskawa Smart Pendant. The cart package includes sofware, educational resources and training from Yaskawa.

Standard features

    • Compact, mobile with collapsible wings to fit through any lab door.
    • Fenceless cart design
      • Safe working/learning environment
      • Allows better viewing and access compared to fully enclosed carts.
      • Area scanner deployed to provide safe zone
    • Everything you need is included and on the cart.
    • Multi function gripper
      • Parallel gripper
      • Suction gripper
      • Laser pointer for tracing
    • Durable work surface with precision markings for a range of exercises including
      • Palletizing, depalletizing
      • Pick and place
      • Tool path and spline shape tracing
    • Optional accessories include:
      • Gravity feeder
      • Conveyor belt
      • Cognex vision system
      • Storage and assembly jigs
      • Exercise or experiment kits
    • Fold out work surface allows for more working area and compact storage.
    • Solid extruded aluminium construction with castors
    • Easy set-up – Only one cable required

Mechanical Specifications

StructureExtruded Aluminum construction

Easily fits through standard 30” door


DimensionsWidth: 28” (700mm)
Length: 50” (1250mm)
Height 77”(2000mm)
Approximate Weight~300 lbs
Power Consumption120vac 15amp for complete cart

Data Sheet

Click here to download a pdf data sheet.

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