In Robotics and Materials Handling 1, students work with ScorBase software to develop and write robot programs for manipulating objects and other automated tasks.

The training program uses one of Intelitek’s education robotic arms and accessories such as a conveyor belt, rotary table, parts feeder and parts bin, as well as I/O devices such as an experiment table, photoelectric sensor and microswitches.

The activities challenge students to design solutions for industrial robotic applications, with emphasis on real industrial concerns, such as recording accurate positions, optimizing programming and increasing productivity.

Required materials:
E-Learning Content: Robotics and Materials Handling 1
Educational Robotic Package (Robotic Arm, Controller, Teach Pendant)
ScorBase  Software
Work cell components:
Laminated coordinate grid
I/O experiment table
Sample parts
Gravity feeder
Palletizing Rack
Linear conveyor
Proximity sensor
Materials package

Activity 1: Introduction to RMH
Activity 2: Using Robotic Control Software II
Lab Activity A: Setting up the Cell (Hardware Required)
Activity 3: Inputs and Program Jumps?
Activity 4: Outputs II
Activity 5: Coordinate Systems
Lab Activity B: Extending the Envelope (Hardware Required)
Activity 6: Polling
Activity 7: Subroutines
Activity 8: Sensors
Activity 9: The FMS
Activity 10: Conclusion
Final Project
MHJF Lab Project (Hardware Required)

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