Duration: approx 16 hrs    
Fundamentals of Robotics course provides students the fundamental skills needed to operate, maintain, program and test robotic systems. The course uses RoboCell, a 3D-solid modeling robotic simulation software, that allows students to develop programming skills through a variety of simulated robotic workcells.
Fundamental of Robotics can be used with different robots including the Scorbot ER-4U and MotoMan Robots. When taught with the MotoMan Robots, this is the base training for students to complete the “Certified Robotic Operator” certification.
Below is a video showing the robot simulation in RoboCell that is used to teach programming before moving to the physical robot to perform the curriculum Skill Drills.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • How Robots Work
  • Using Robotic Control Software
  • Recording Robot Positions
  • Programming a Simple Pick and Place Task
  • Positioning of Robots
  • Robotics Programming Basics
  • Using Feeders and Templates
  • Intro to Peripheral Devices
  • Encoders
  • Roll and Pitch
  • Programming the robot to:
    • Execute Linear Movements
    • Execute Circular Movements


  • Block Alignment Project
  • Linear Slidebase Project
  • Drawing a House
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