The Laser Alignment Tools (ME11) package is an optional supplement to the JobMaster® Mechanical Training Bench (ME10) trainer. This option adds Laser tools for both shaft and belt alignment along with all the hardware needed to deliver comprehensive instruction in all aspects of Laser Alignment.


Using Laser Alignment Tools with the JobMaster® Mechanical Bench, student learn to align shafts, pulleys and couplings, and check for soft foot using the same tools used in industry.


Order #16-ME11:
LearnMate® E-learning Content: Laser Alignment Tools (ME11)
Teachers’ Guide
Installation Guide
1 Laser V-Belt alignment kit:
1 Laser transmitter
2 Magnetic targets
1 AA battery
1 Soft case
1 Laser Shaft Alignment Kit:
1 Laser Alignment Display Unit
1 Stationary Laser Measuring Unit
1 Movable Laser Measuring Unit
2 Locking Chains
1 Measuring Tape with Spirit Level
1 Shim Set
2 D-Cell Batteries
1 Hard Case
2 Laser Coupling, Body
1 Clamp Journal
1 Mounting hardware kit

(sold separately)
JobMaster® Mechanical Training Bench Order #16-ME10

Skill 1: Aligning a Belt Drive
Skill 2: Aligning a Coupling
Skill 3: Correcting for Soft Foot
Skill 4: Filling Out an Alignment Report

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