The JobMaster® Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Cell is a full scale emulation of a manufacturing process using real industrial components that is Industry 4.0 compliant and can be used as the base system for Industry 4.0 training and Certification. The system exercises the specialized skills required for today’s industrial technicians, specialists and integrators and together with Intelitek Robotics, Machining, Machine Vision and Advanced Curriculum can be used to implement a training and certification Capstone project.

The I4MC-1000 cell is a fully configured emulation of an industrial plant with a comprehensive range of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and automation components for students to construct, operate and troubleshoot. The cell is a learning environment for a school, where students can become practiced in manufacturing processes and expand their skill-set to advanced Industry 4.0 operations.
The cell can be expanded to integrate additional components like machining, robotics, sensors, advanced networking, and can be interfaced with data collection and analysis applications, IIoT components, control and analysis software (ERP and MES) and remote cloud applications to fully integrate Industry 4.0 into the learning experience.
Once operational, faults analysis, skills exercises and integration projects can be introduced by the instructor to expand the knowledge of the students.

Project Planning
Review Manufacturing Cell blueprints
Create installation plan
Assign tasks and schedules
Hold weekly project meetings to review progress
Basic Manufacturing Cell Frame
Work Order 1 Assemble the Base
Work Order 2 Assemble and Install the Conveyor Mount
Work Order 3 Install Crossbars and Top Members
Work Order 4 Inspect & Align Completed Frame
Electrical and Control Enclosures
Work Order 5 Install Pull Boxes
Work Order 6 Install Equipment Enclosures
Work Order 7 Install Fuse Box and Station Transformer
Conduit & Fittings Installation
Work Order 8 Cut and Ream Conduit
Work Order 9 Wire & Connect Main Power Cord
Work Order 10 Install & Connect Circuit Breakers
Work Order 11 Install Equipment Grounds
Work Order 12 Perform Megohmmeter Tests
Conveyor, Conveyor Drive & Controls
Work Order 13 Install Conveyor
Work Order 14 Install Conveyor Drive Components
Work Order 15 Install and Align Conveyor Drive Chain
Work Order 16 Install Conveyor Drive Safety Guard
Work Order 17 Install and Connect Conveyor Drive Work Work Order 18 Install Emergency Stop Circuits
Work Order 19 Perform Circuit Continuity Tests
Work Order 20 Megger Test Conveyor Drive
Work Order 21 Test and Troubleshoot Conveyor Drive
Predictive/Preventive Maintenance
Work Order 22 Lubricate Conveyor Drive
Work Order 23 Verify Conveyor Alignment
Work Order 24 Verify Drive Chain Alignment
Work Order 25 Obtain Vibration Profiles
Part Manipulation
Work Order 26 Install Part Stacker and Feeder Tray
Work Order 27 Install Part Kicker
Work Order 28 Install Stacker Part Sensor
Paint, Bake and Cool Tunnel
Work Order 29 Install Tunnel
Work Order 30 Install Paint Nozzles
Work Order 31 Install Paint Bake Heaters
Work Order 32 Install Part Count Sensor
Work Order 33 Install Paint Tunnel Status Indicators
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Work Order 34 Install the PLC
Work Order 35 Rough-In PLC Power
Work Order 36 Install HMI Panel with PLC
Work Order 37 Program PLC
Work Order 38 Program HMI with operation functions
Work Order 39 Program HMI with results graphs
Work Order 40 Program HMI with Notifications
Work Order 41 Connect PLC Input Sensor Circuits
Work Order 42 Connect PLC Output Sensor Circuits
Work Order 43 Troubleshoot Paint, Bake & Cool System
Work Order 44 Install network router
Work Order 45 Install network cabling
Work Order 46 Configure IP addressing
Work Order 47 Perform connectivity tests
Variable Frequency Drive
Work Order 48 Install Drive
Work Order 49 Rough-In Drive Wiring
Work Order 50 Megger Test VFD Wires
Work Order 51 Program and Test Drive
Safety Function Operations
Work Order 52 Interconnect safety cuttoffs
Work Order 53 Test Lock out/tag out
Work Order 54 Program stack lite
Fault Insertion System (Optional)
Work Order 55 Install fault insertion sub panel
Work Order 56 Rough-in power circuit
Work Order 57 Rough-in fault insertion wiring
Work Order 58 Install and configure triggered faults
Work Order 59 Test triggered fault system

Click here to download a pdf data sheet.


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