CAM Turning introduces students to the fundamentals of CAM programs and their use in industry.

Students use spectraCAM software, which converts CAD drawings into numerical control (NC) files that can be used to produce parts on a CNC turning center. The spectraCAM software features an integrated CAD drawing package that allows a seamless and easy working environment and includes a graphic tool path simulation package for immediate part proofing.

Activities focus on turning-related cutting operations such as roughing, facing, grooving, threading, cut-off procedures and code generation. The CAM Turning tekLINK offers a total solution for students to operate CAM software for programming a CNC Turning Center.


Getting Started
Using spectraCAM
Starting a Project
Creating the CAD Drawing
Geometry Duplication and Rough Tool Path Generation
Finish Tool Path and NC File Generation
Advanced Project Setup
Creating the Part Drawing
Final Geometry and Tool Paths
Tool Paths and NC Code
Starting the Final Project
Creating the Lighter Geometry
Final Geometry and Tool Paths
Activity Overview
Final Tool Paths and NC Code

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