Intelitek’s package of CNC routing equipment ships with everything needed to get started quickly including starter material, all relevant CAD/CAM software’s and sample G-Code projects. Just follow the easy to use getting started guide and cut!

Intelitek’s experience in both CNC and educational training via Learnmate allows users to be making their own complex project quickly. This allows users to create large structures and have a hands on approach to turning 2D materials into 3D objects.


    • Allows visualization of assembly of 2D object in 3D space
    • Gives students the ability to create impressive large scale projects at a very low cost
    • Fast Paced project based learning allows students to produce results quickly to keep them motivated
    • Cut most projects in under 30 Minutes
    • Teach G-Code an industry standard, that’s used with other CNC mills and lathes
    • Make impressive projects using up to 4ft x 8ft sized materials
    • Includes 30 Seats of V-Carve Pro CAD/CAM software. This allows the entire class to use the software not
      just a single person.

Express CNC Router Curriculum

Intelitek’s brand new express curriculum is a direct, project driven course that enables students to bring objects they create to life quickly and motivates them to complete other projects. They will learn terminology related to CNC. Setting up the router using Mach3™ control software. This is followed up by five projects using Vectric VCarve Pro to produce amazing results.

Course Outline

Getting Started Routers

      • Basic Terminology
      • Axis of Travel
      • Securing the Work Piece
      • Installing a Tool
      • Spoil board
      • Dust Collection
      • Mach3 Layout
      • Homing the Router
      • Jogging the Router
      • Setting Part Zero
      • G-Code Editing
      • Cutting a Sample Part

Introduction to Vectric VCarve Pro
Making a Sign

      • Setting the Part Size
      • Creating a Border
      • Creating Text
      • Cutting a Part
      • Making a Gear Clock
      • Drawing
      • Closing Objects
      • Patterning
      • Fillets
      • Modifying Lines
      • Cutting a Part

Importing a Picture

      • Importing Pictures
      • Creating Vectors
      • Feature Recognition
      • Adding Depth
      • Cutting Parts

Importing a Drawing DXF/DWG/SVG

      • Import a DXF
      • Engraving
      • Pocketing
      • Contouring

3D Dinosaur Project

  • Importing Individual Parts
  • Layout Board
  • Part Spacing
  • Creating Joints
  • Running Parts


Mach3 has become the popular choice of CNC light duty routers; feature rich and provides a great solution for a CNC control package. Mach3 works on most Windows PC’s to control the motion of the router by processing G-Code into physical movements. While offering many advanced features found in more complex control systems.

VCarve Pro

After searching for the best and easiest to use CAD/CAM software for CNC routers, Intelitek chose VCarve Pro to create the files used by the router to bring projects to life. This software works with 3D / 2D files created by your favorite CAD software and popular graphics files like JPEG and SVG for those more artistically inclined.


Click here to download a pdf Brochure.

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