Students are introduced to the basic elements of computer-aided drafting, such as arcs, lines, rectangles, text and circles. Students use polar, relative and absolute coordinates to construct various designs and broaden their learning experience.

Once students have created their CAD drawings, spectraCAD Engraver’s unique engraving feature enables them to easily and quickly generate NC files.

The package includes an engraving tool set and name badge milling stock so that students can produce their NC programs on a CNC milling machine if one exists in the lab.

LM Content
spectraCAD Engraver. Software for converting CAD drawings to NC part program files.


Getting Started
Using spectraCAD
Managing Files
Creating the LMC Project
Drawing the M
Drawing the C
Speaker Design Project
Creating the Speaker Cone
Completing the Speaker Project
spectraCAD Engraver
Generating an NC File
NC Files and Coding
Pocket Toolpaths and spectraCAM

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