SmartCIM4.0 is a modular and flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing training environment for educating students in the principles and technologies of Industry 4.0. Using a real production line, students learn all aspects of Industry 4.0 manufacturing

The SmartCIM4.0 solution is designed to introduce CTE and engineering classrooms to industrial automation and the industry applications used in modern plants and to train skilled workers for next generation jobs.

The solution takes a system based approach, SmartCIM4.0 deals not only with individual components of industrial training, but also with networking and communications, systems integration and the essential employability skills students need in modern industry.

Integration of cutting edge technology systems and collaboration is the core of Industry 4.0. The solution is a modular and sustainable, and aligned to industry programs with curriculum options to match local industry needs & micro certifications for specific fields that align to advanced industry level certifications. The platform is the basis for training and certification and includes software, curriculum, testing, train-the-trainer, and the support required to develop a long term education program.

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