With the Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trainer, Intelitek has developed a turnkey training system designed to expose students to the various systems and real components used in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The modular learning system allows students to train on both refrigeration and air conditioning applications by simply swapping the two interchangeable plug in panels on the base unit. The curriculum and classroom activities make the learning hands-on, practical, and more effective.

The custom designed practical learning exercises follow industrial engineering practices. Trainees develop a passion for engineering via project-based learning, as well as exposure to real-world environments.

Features of Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems:

    • Designed for practical, hands-on training
    • Modular Design – supports both refrigeration and air conditioning training via interchangeable panels
    • Comprehensive Curriculum and Experiments – Self-paced, including hands-on activities
    • Cost-Effective, Integrated Solution – full training package with hardware, software, and curriculum
    • Compact Desktop Unit – easy to setup and operate
    • Built-in Safety features  to provide a safe classroom environment

The Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trainer is a desktop, modular training system designed to provide students with the fundamentals in basic and advanced refrigeration systems. The base platform accommodates removable plug-in panels to easily switch from refrigeration to air conditioning. The system includes the cooling components, temperature and pressure sensors, pressure gauges, valves and peripheral connections, as well as the control components including switches, push buttons, and an LCD display.

The trainer implements all of the required control functions while maintaining pressures and temperatures within the predefined safe operating conditions of the system. Temperature and pressure sensors are integrated in the system to show their actual values on the display.

The training system may be operated as a standalone system or also be connected to a PC via USB to utilize the S-COOL software to monitor and control the training system.

Base Unit

Refrigeration Panel

Air Conditioning Panel

Intelitek’s comprehensive learning solution provides the student with both the fundamental and advanced training programs in basic and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.

Course Outlines

Professional Cooling Systems Course Outline

Chapter 1: Basic Cooling and Refrigeration Systems

      • Introduction to Cooling and Refrigeration Systems
      • Pressure/Temperature Relation
      • Materials and Circuits of the Control System
      • Compressor Types
      • Evaporation and Condensing Techniques
      • Materials and Circuits of the Electrical System
      • Troubleshooting
      • Maintenance Methods and Equipment Required for Servicing

Chapter 2: Professional Cooling Systems

      • Introduction to Professional Cooling Systems
      • System’s Operation and Stabilization Conditions
      • Parallel Connection
      • Serial Connection
      • Troubleshooting

Professional Air Conditioning Course Outline

Chapter 1: Basic Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems

      • Introduction to Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems
      • Pressure/Temperature Relation
      • Operational Principles and Materials
      • Compressor Types
      • Evaporation and Condensing Techniques
      • Materials and Circuits of the Electrical System
      • Troubleshooting
      • Maintenance Methods and Equipment Required for Servicing

Chapter 2: Professional Air Conditioning Systems

      • Introduction to Professional Air Conditioning Systems
      • Distribution
      • Troubleshooting
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