The Pressure Process Control course offers students’ virtual training in the measurement and control of pressure processes. Students raise and lower air pressure to preset levels using manual control and auto-tuning methods. Students learn how the E/P converter with the control valve affects a preset pressure in the air tank. They create variable demand and supply disturbances by manipulating the panel’s valves.

Course Outline

    • Introduction to Process Control
    • Introduction to ProcessMotion Simulation Software
    • Block Diagrams and Gain
    • Calculating Process Gain
    • Calculating the Final Control Element Gain
    • First Order Systems
    • The Pressure System Time Constant
    • Controlling the Pressure System Using Open Loop Control
    • Introduction to On-Off Control
    • On-Off Control – Tasks
    • Controlling the Pressure System Using On-Off Control
    • Proportional Control
    • First Order Systems Under Proportional Control
    • Controlling the System Using Proportional Control
    • Proportional Integral Control
    • Controlling the Pressure System Using PI Control
    • PID Control
    • Controlling the Pressure System Using PID Control
    • Controller Selection and Design
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