Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) courses teach students how to program and use PLCs in industrial applications that require electrical control.

Using PLCMotion software, students program virtual PLCs, troubleshoot ladder diagrams and control programs, and also design original HMIs for displaying PLC program simulations.

Prerequisite: Requires PLC 1 & 2 and Pneumatics 1, 2, & 3

Activity 1: Getting Started
Activity 2: The Pneumatic HMI
Activity 3: Manual Control of a Pneumatic Piston
Activity 4: Semi-Automatic Control Systems
Activity 5: Semi-Automatic Action Using a 5/2 Spring-Return Valve
Activity 6: Fully Automatic Operation
Activity 7: Fully Automatic Operation with a Spring-Return Valve
Activity 8: Timers
Activity 9: Counters
Activity 10: Sequential Operation with Two Double-Acting Cylinders
Activity 11: Sequential Operation with Three Double-Acting Cylinders
Activity 12: Solving Opposing Control Signals
Activity 13: Solving Opposing Control Signals in a Three Cylinder System
Activity 14: Controlling a System with a Variable Timer
Activity 15: Advanced Operation

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