Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) courses teach students how to program and use PLCs in industrial applications that require electrical control.

Using PLCMotion software, students program virtual PLCs, troubleshoot ladder diagrams and control programs, and also design original HMIs for displaying PLC program simulations.

Prerequisite: Requires PLC Technology 1

Activity 1: Getting Started
Activity 2: Bits and Words
Activity 3: Counter Up and Reset
Activity 4: Counter Down
Activity 5: Project: Implementing CTU and CTD
Activity 6: The Equal (EQU) Instruction
Activity 7: The Not Equal (NEQ) Instruction
Activity 8: Project; Applying Equal and Not Equal
Activity 9: The Less Than (LES) Instruction
Activity 10: The Greater Than (GRT) Instruction
Activity 11: Project: Implementing GRT and LES
Activity 12: The Move (MOV) Instruction
Activity 13: The Add (ADD) Instruction
Activity 14: The Subtract (SUB) Instruction
Activity 15: Conclusion

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