The software is an ideal tool for learning the fundamentals of CNC machining. The user-friendly interface and online help allow users of all levels to control and monitor Intelitek’s machining centers, and to write, edit and run NC programs.

The software accepts standard Fanuc-compatible EIA RS274D G&M codes that CNC machine tools recognize.

CNCBase can be purchased separately or as part of the CNCMotion software package.

Standard Features

Programming and control

    • Compatibility with EIA RS274-D standard G&M codes.
    • CAD/CAM compatibility.
    • Advanced NC code editing functions, including automatic block numbering, comment management and code verification.
    • Absolute and incremental programming.
    • Supports canned cycles for drilling and boring.
    • Programmable tool offsets and cutter compensation.
    • Supports metric and English units.
    • Unlimited number of programs can be open simultaneously.
    • Unlimited number of program blocks.
    • Standard Windows functions for program editing (e.g., cut, copy, paste, find).

Programming verification

    • Quick verification of G&M code to ensure correct and complete syntax during program editing.
    • Graphic verification of the tool path ensures precise programming.
    • Estimate Runtime command to calculate the approximate amount of time necessary to machine your part, and the approximate distance the machine travels.

Manual hardware control

    • Movement along each axis at customized speed and step settings.
    • Spindle activation and speed control.
    • Movement control from dialog box & keyboard.

Real-time data display

    • Real-time display of current hardware setup, including cross-slide and tool positions, tool in use, machining parameters.
    • Real-time display of program execution, including block being executed and program run time.

Parameters for adjusting controller operation

    • Manual override of programmed spindle speed and feed rate.
    • Configurable soft limits for safe machining.
    • Parameters can be easily viewed & manipulated.

User interface

    • NC code color editor
    • Setup tool library

Two operating modes:

    • Online: CNCBase communicates with the controller
    • Simulation: When not connected, you can simulate the machining process with graphic verification and simulated machining.

Computer System Requirements

Computer requirements

    • Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7-32 or 64bit
    • 512 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended)
    • 200 MB of available hard drive space
    • Available Ethernet port
    • ATX power supply (Recommended)

Data Sheet

Click here to download a pdf data sheet.

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