CNC Milling Technology introduces students to the fundamentals of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling by working with a variety of machining applications with the versatile ProMill 8000 – 100% online, on-demand!

By means of project-based learning, students gain experience with the entire design and production process. Starting with developing and editing programs, students complete projects to learn proper machine set up, cutting tool selection, tool path simulation and machining and turning center operation. Students design solutions for industrial CNC applications emphasizing optimized programming, precision and productivity.

This virtual CNC course allows students to explore topics through engaging animations and simulations of the same classroom hardware used in the lab version! The simulated machining center features the same an intuitive software interface and conforms to industrial EIA, ISO, Fanuc and G&M code standards.


Order #: 17-3142
LearnMate® Content: CNC Milling Technology with ProMill 8000 (Virtual Format)
CNCMotion® CNC simulation software

Activity 1: Introduction and Safety
Activity 2: CNCBase® Control Software
Activity 3: Mounting the Workpiece
Activity 4: Tooling
Activity 5: Reference Positions
Activity 6: Verifying a Program
Activity 7: Running a Program
Activity 8: Fundamentals of NC Programming
Activity 9: Programming the House
Activity 10: Machining Project #1
Activity 11: Arc Programming
Activity 12: Programming the Star – Project #2
Activity 13: Machining Project #2
Activity 14: Programming Your Initials – Project #3
Activity 15: Final Project

CNC Milling Technology with ProMill 8000 is also available in Lab format!
The Lab course features the ProMill 8000 Mill and related lab hardware for robust hands-on instruction. Choose between Lab and Virtual courses based on your program objectives and budget, or implement both together for a truly scalable program!

ProMill 8000 CNC Machining Center

CNCBase control software

CNCMotion CNC simulation software

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