CNC Turning Technology introduces students to the fundamentals of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning by means of hands on activities with the BenchTurn 7000.

Students learn the fundamentals of CNC working with quality equipment to accurately produce parts. Students observe and experience CNC’s superiority over time-consuming, less accurate, manually controlled machine tools.

Activities challenge students to develop and edit programs, and make the parts on the machine. Students gain hands-on experience in proper set up, cutting tools selection, tool path simulation and turning center operation. Students design solutions for industrial CNC applications with an emphasis on real industrial concerns, such as optimized programming, accuracy and increased productivity.

The machine features an intuitive software interface and conforms to industrial EIA, ISO, Fanuc and G&M code standards.

CNC Turning Technology with the BenchTurn 7×00 is also available in Virtual format!
With a fully simulated machine, students learn the same skills as the Lab version via interactive online activities. Choose between Lab and Virtual courses based on your program objectives and budget, or implement both together for a truly scalable program!

Order #: 16-8141


E-Learning Content: CNC Turning Technology with the BenchTurn 7×00 – Lab

Order #16-8141-1000, includes:

    • 17-8141-0001 LearnMate Content
    • 005504 BenchTurn 7×00
    • 10-9140-0000 Stock Package, Brass, Turn
    • 11099 8 x 8 mm TiN coated cutter set
    •  31-1000-0205 Sign, CNC Turning Technology
    • 34-8141-9000 Install Guide, BenchTurn 7×00, CNC Turning Lab
    • 39-0000-0029 Safety Glasses, clear (2)

Course Outline

Activity 1: Introduction and Safety
Activity 2: CNCBase Control Software
Activity 3: Mounting the Workpiece
Activity 4: Tooling
Activity 5: Reference Positions
Activity 6: Verifying a Program
Activity 7: Running a Program
Activity 8: Fundamentals of NC Programming
Activity 9: Programming the House
Activity 10: Machining Project #1
Activity 11: Arc Programming
Activity 12: Programming the Star – Project #2
Activity 13: Machining Project #2
Activity 14: Programming Your Initials – Project #3
Activity 15: Final Project


Axis Travel
X Axis max: 260 mm / 10.24″
Y Axis max: 152 mm / 6.00″
Z Axis: 180 mm / 7.09″

Work Area
Table Size: 400×145 mm / 16”x 5.70″
No. of T-Slots: 3
T-slot size: 12 mm / 0.47″
Max. table load: 20 Kg / 44 lbs

Motor Type: Brushless
Motor power: 1.34 hp, 1000 w
Spindle speed: 100– 5000 RPM
Spindle taper: ISO20
Max. tool diam.: 10 mm / 0.375″
Throat: 150 mm / 5.900″

Position accuracy: 0.038 mm / 0.0015″
Repeatability: 0.010 mm / 0.0004″


Machine size
Width: 1040 mm / 41″
Depth: 860 mm / 34″
Height: 940 mm / 37″

Shipping size
Width: 1170 mm / 46″
Depth: 960 mm / 38″
Height: 1100 mm / 43.38″

Weight (approximate)
Machine weight: 178 Kg / 393 lbs
Shipping weight: 218 Kg / 480 lbs

Axis Drive Motors
Axis motor type: Stepper
X axis: 1.35 N-m / 192 oz-in
Y axis: 1.35 N-m / 192 oz-in
Z axis: 2.2 N-m / 312 oz-in
Rapid feed rate: 2000 mm/min 79 ipm
Feed rate: 1000 mm/min 40 ipm

Air Supply Requirements
620 kPa (90 psi)
1/4” NPT female connection provided

Control Software
EIA RS274-D standard G & M code compatible
FANUC® compatible
CAD/CAM compatible
Advanced NC code editing
Real–time or simulated graphic tool path verification

Power Requirements
United States
115 VAC (+5%/-10%) 60 Hz, 20A
230 VAC (+5%/-10%) 50 Hz, 8A

Materials included


E-Learning Content: CNC Milling Technology with BenchMill 6×00 – Lab

Order #16-8140-1000, includes:

LearnMate Content
BenchMill 6×00
Advanced end mill package
4-tool ISO20 tool holder package
Stock package, name badge, engrave
Stock package, machinable wax
Precision vise
Sign, CNC Milling Technology
Install guide, BenchMill 6×00,CNC Milling Lab
Safety glasses, clear (2)

Materials required

A table or bench capable of supporting 400 lbs.

Data Sheet

Click here to download a pdf data sheet.


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