This training panel enables hands-on experience with analog and digital sensor applications.

The benchtop panel includes a variety of analog and digital sensors. The system is supplied with a set of experiment materials that affect and reflect the operation of the sensors. Students can connect different components, change physical parameters and measure sensor response. By designing and assembling basic control circuits using the sensors, students learn how digital and analog sensors function. Students also learn how a sensor’s analog signal is converted to a digital output.

This training panel is certified for CE safety compliance.

Training panel
  • Aluminum, table-top training panel
  • Dimensions: W=600 mm, H=560 mm (W=23.6″”, H=22″”)
  • Panel can be laid flat, raised to any angle, or wall-mounted
  • Components are permanently mounted on the panel
  • Components are easily coupled, activated and controlled in numerous configurations
Panel components
  • Inductive proximity sensor unit: 5 mm switching distance (Fe 37 actuator, 18x1mm)
  • Contact sensor: leaf spring actuator
  • Magnetic reed sensor unit: two magnet reed switches
  • Light sensor unit: transmitter, receiver and dimmer
  • Pressure sensor unit: pressure pump, analog pressure gauge, pressure transducer
  • Mounting plate and D9 connector for additional sensors; external sensors may be either analog or digital
  • Buzzer
  • Lamps (x2)
  • Relay Unit
Experiment materials
  • Mirror
  • Metric ruler with right angle
  • Permanent magnets
  • Optic fiber cable
  • Material samples: clear plastic, tinted plastic, dark plastic, aluminum, green wood, small and large iron
Additional components
  • Storage bag for lab materials
  • Banana plug cables (x6), L=60 cm (24″”), 4 mm plug
  • Spare 0.5A fuses
  • Power supply unit, 12 VDC 2A
Optional components
  • Voltmeter: digital, LCD display; DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance and diode
  • Proximity optical diffuse reflective sensor
  • Proximity capacitive sensor
  • Temperature sensor
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