• The NanoMAX Multivariable Process Control Trainer focuses learning on the key parameters common to many industrial, scientific, and commercial process plants: liquid level, liquid flow, liquid temperature, and air pressure.  Trainees learn the theory and application, gaining skills in installation, calibration, tuning, optimization, maintenance and control.

    In this standalone Process Control Trainer, flow meter sensors and level transmitters are attached to a level tank and pipes to capture and transmit data to a PID control system. Students can use the PID parameter to maintain liquid level and flow as well as temperature. Internal heating and cooling systems are used to adjust the temperature of the liquid as it flows through the scaled model.


    The NanoMAX multivariable Process Control course exposes students to the relationship between the three liquid variables to better calculate process specifications and troubleshoot potential problems. Integrated with a state-of-the-art process control training system, this unit features multiple standard control systems including panel mounted HMI/SCADA and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The NanoMAX also features the industry standard communication and automation protocols HART and ProfiNet.

    Course Outline

      • Fundamentals of Process Control
        • Basic of Control Theory
        • Process Control Terminology
        • Controller and Tuning
        • Process Control Loop
      • Fundamental to Process Measurement
        • Introduction to Level Measurement
        • Principle of Level Instrument
        • Introduction to Flow Measurement
        • Principle of Flow Instrument
        • Introduction to Temperature Measurement
        • Principle of Temperature Instrument
        • Introduction to Pressure Measurement
        • Principle of Pressure Instrument
      • Technical Documentation
        • Process Plant Drawings
          • Piping & Instrumentation Drawing
        • Plant Drawings
          • General Arrangement Drawing
          • Full Assembly Drawing
          • 3D View Drawing
        • Instrument Details
          • Instrument Datasheet
      • Plant Operation and Process Tuning
        • Plant Optimization
          • Process Control Loop
          • Process Behavior
          • Effect of Disturbance in Process
        • Characteristics of Proportional (P), Integral (I), and Derivative (D)
        • PID Tuning using Different Methods:
          • Ziegler Nichols
          • Cohen Coon
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