• The Nano Temperature Process Control Trainer simulates industrial plant systems found in oil & gas, chemical and food production plants around the world. This standalone, desktop training system makes an excellent platform for training in all aspects of industrial temperature instrumentation and engineering. Trainees learn the theory and application, gaining skills in installation, calibration, tuning, optimization, maintenance and control.

    The self-assembled trainer simulates a real world industrial plant environment for a wide range of educational experiences in temperature control studies. Stainless steel tubing and tanks are used to simulate a variety of conditions relevant to temperature sensitive operations. Temperature sensors and transmitters collect and send real-time temperature readings to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Trainees learn to appreciate the basics of air temperature as it relates to process plant operations in a safe and controlled environment.


    The Temperature Process Control course enables students to practice the control temperature processes, including heat exchanger and heated tank processes. Students raise and lower water temperature to preset levels using manual control and auto-tuning methods. They control the flow rate through the heat exchanger using a motorized valve, and create variable demand and supply disturbances by introducing cooled water from the reservoir tank.

    Course Outline

      • Fundamentals of Process Control
        • Basic of Control Theory
        • Process Control Terminology
        • Controller and Tuning
        • Process Control Loop
        • Introduction to Process Measurement
      • Instrumentation and Control System
        • Process Flow Diagram
        • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
      • Technical Documentation
        • Process Plant Drawings
          • General Arrangement Drawing
          • Full Assembly Drawing
          • 3D View Drawing
        • Instrument Details
          • Instrument Datasheet
      • Plant Operation and Process Tuning
        • Plant Optimization
          • Process Control Loop
          • Process Behavior
          • Effect of Disturbance in Process
        • Characteristics of Proportional (P), Integral (I), and Derivative (D)
        • PID Tuning using Different Methods:
          • Ziegler Nichols
          • Cohen Coon
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