The Nano Liquid Level Process Control Trainer is a standalone training system that simulates industrial plant systems found in oil & gas, chemical and food production plants around the world. This training system simulates the level control and measurement features of fluid-based processing in a closed loop system. Trainees learn the impact of other process variables on liquid levels and experience critical steps of installation, configuration, calibration, and commissioning of a process plant.


The Nano Liquid Level Process Control Trainer delivers hands-on experience with the measurements and control of liquid level. This model is equipped with a range of sensors and controls including level transmitters across a feedwater tank and a proportional control valve which adjusts to fluid level changes. Students utilize a PID controller to adjust fluid levels that send instructions to the appropriate valves and actuators over the same network based on variable conditions. They are then able to provide precise data logging and compensate for errors.

Course Outline

    • Introduction to Process Control
      • Basics of Control Theory
      • Process Control Terminology
      • Controller and Tuning
      • Process Control Loop
      • Introduction to Process Measurement
    • Instrumentation and Control System
      • Process Flow Diagram
      • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
    • Technical Documentation
      • Process Plant Drawings
        • General Arrangement Drawing
        • Full Assembly Drawing
        • 3D View Drawing
      • Instrument Details
        • Instrument Datasheet
    • Plant Operation and Process Tuning
      • Plant Optimization
        • Process Control Loop
        • Process Behavior
        • Effect of Disturbance in Process
      • Characteristic of Proportional (P), Integral (I), and Derivative (D)
      • PID Tuning using Different Methods
        • Ziegler Nichols
        • Cohen Coon
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